Rob Bell's Engineering Reborn - 5Select

Engineering Reborn explores the mid-blowing engineering challenges behind the transformation of abandoned structures, into the buildings of the future...
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Hosted by engineer Rob Bell, Engineering Reborn showcases the cutting-edge technology behind each transformation, with expert interviews unpicking the key engineering hurdles during the decommissioning and rebuilding processes. Interviews with historians also uncover the fascinating history behind abandoned structure, before it was transformed.

It’s a series that couldn’t be more relevant to our times. Construction has a massive carbon footprint. But now, engineers are responding to this global challenge by re-using and re-imagining some of the most iconic buildings across the globe. From an abandoned airship hangar in Germany, transformed into a tropical water park; to a derelict prison in Boston, reborn as a luxury hotel. Combining staggering feats of engineering, compelling historical stories and the insight of world-renowned experts, this is ENGINEERING REBORN.

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