Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

Exploring truly extraordinary reproduction and gestation in animals from across the natural world
1 x 120' Co-Production with Fox for Channel 4, Granada International, National Geographic Channel and National Geographic Channel International.


Extraordinary Animals in the Womb explores some truly extraordinary methods of reproduction and gestation in a selection of animals from across the natural world - from the first beginnings of courtship right through to birth and beyond.

We take cameras inside the extraordinary and hitherto unseen world of these animals in utero, following in step-by-step detail the process through which each individual species-specific trait develops. How does a penguin embryo not freeze? Why does a kangaroo leave its mother only half formed? Why is having any brothers and sisters so potentially lethal for many shark fetuses? And what was it about one creature's method of reproduction that caused Charles Darwin to question the existence of God himself?

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