Storm City 3D

Centred on an ultimate man versus nature experiment
4 x 60' for Sky


Storm City is centered on an ultimate man versus nature experiment. Using advanced engineering technology and science, a team of experts set out to recreate the impact of natural forces to investigate what the effects are.

Filmed on a mix of real-world locations and sets in both Canada and the UK, the team simulate what happens during earthquakes, extreme winds, avalanches and floods. Cameras were fitted to a purpose built two-storey house as weather conditions are reconstructed and tests carried out to fully demonstrate the catastrophic damage that extreme natural forces can cause.

Using 3D cameras, every move is captured, blow-by-blow for Sky 3D and 2D for Sky Atlantic HD and National Geographic Channel U.S.. Viewers are able to visualise the impact on everything including people, buildings and the infrastructure of a city.

Presenter Ben Fogle, along with experts in structural engineering, will explain how each spectacular orchestrated natural disaster relates to real events. Archive footage will also remind viewers of the actuality of some recent occurrences and interviews with survivors will bring to life the legacy these extreme natural forces can leave.

Stories from people who have witnessed and been at the centre of some of the most prolific and well documented natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the Boxing Day Tsunami in South East Asia, and those closer to home, including the Boscastle Flash Floods and the 1987 hurricane which took the South of England by surprise, will talk openly about their traumatising experiences.

Celia Taylor, Commissioning Editor for Sky said "We all knew that there was an incredible 3D film to be made about natural disasters but Storm City has gone beyond that to deliver incredible science, massive stunts and highly emotive human stories that makes it compelling, breath-taking and fascinating in equal measures".

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