V-Day - Smithsonian

V-Day is an epic yet playful way to tell the story of volcanoes.
1 x 120 for Smithsonian


Day is an epic yet playful way to tell the story of volcanoes: how, as a force of nature, they have shaped the Earth throughout history and continue to do so. V-Day compressed millions of years of volcanic eruptions into ONE EXPLOSIVE DAY.

For the story of volcanoes is the story of the earth itself.

Working in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, and Dr Ben Andrews, Director of the SI Global Volcanism Program, this film harnesses exciting cutting-edge science as Dr Andrews leads a team of world-renowned international experts on a visceral journey of discovery around the planet, to reveal just how important volcanoes really are both for the earth and the human race.

Each fascinating investigation opens with a historical eruption that changed humankind, from Vesuvius which wiped out Pompeii, to Toba which changed the world’s climate – the volcanoes we have survived in the past.

In the second half, things really heat up with the ticking bombs that are the Super Volcanoes, the planet changers that have shaped the earth… leading to an epic final climax.

Throughout the journey, visually stunning graphics – based on the Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program’s ground-breaking map of world eruptions – portray our time conceit of millions of years of eruptions in one single day, moving from one volcano to another, and forward in time, on a world map of explosions, allowing the narrative to move seamlessly between volcanoes. No two volcanoes are ever the same.

The climax of the series is the combination of all these elements, one epic future final explosion that reveals the full power of volcanoes as a force of nature.

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